Pre-sale price declaration预售价格申明

1/15/2018 10:40:13 AM admin 1

Pre-sale price declaration预售价格申明

Power Wealth Labs PWL-token plans 18:00, January 18, 2018 (SG) to open private pre-sale activities. Due to the recent soaring price of Ether ETH, to ensure the interests of investors in all sectors of the community, the PWL team finally decided the ceiling for private pre-sale 50000 ETH. PWL-token计划201811818点(SG)开启私募预售活动。由于近期以太代币ETH价格大幅上涨,为保证社区各方投资人的利益,PWL团队最终决定私募预售硬顶50000ETH。


1, Pre-sale limit of 50000ETH硬顶

2, Pre-sale price is 1ETH = 6000PWL预售价格

3, Pre-sale of other matters remain unchanged.其他无调整

4, Pre-sale white paper has been announced.预售白皮书已经公布

5, No matter ETH price changes and market changes, no longer modify the sales price. 不论ETH价格涨跌和市场变化,不会修改销售价格。